21. Community

21.1. Community support

If you have any questions concerning ESPResSo which you cannot resolve by yourself, you may search for an answer on:

If you still didn’t find a solution, you may consider either opening a new issue or discussion on GitHub, or sending an email on the mailing list. Instructions on how to register to the mailing lists and post messages can be found in Mailing Lists. It is recommended to use these communication channels rather than to contact individual developers, for several reasons:

  • All users get your message and you have a higher probability that it is answered soon.

  • Your question and the answers are archived and the archives can be searched by others.

  • The answer may be useful also to other users.

  • There may not be a unique answer to your problem and it may be useful to get suggestions from different people.

Please remember that this is a community mailing list and a community GitHub forum. It is other users and developers who are answering your questions. They do it in their free time and are not paid for doing it.

21.2. Summer Schools

Every year in October, a 5-day workshop is organized at University of Stuttgart, Germany. Registration is free of charge and is managed by CECAM. Past events are archived on the ESPResSo official website, under Summer Schools. The teaching material can be found in the online documentation, section Tutorials. The lectures can be found on the ESPResSo Simulation Package YouTube channel.