Extensible Simulation Package for Research on Soft Matter Systems
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ESPResSo code documentation

This is the code documentation of ESPResSo. It is primarily intended for people that want to extend or just understand the C++ core of ESPResSo.

If you just have obtained a release of ESPResSo, and you are looking for documentation on how to use the software, you might first want to have a look at the User's Guide, which is available at

If you want to start developing code for ESPResSo, you might first want to have a look at the Developer's Guide on the GitHub wiki at The wiki explains:

  • how to obtain the development code
  • what tools are required to develop the code
  • how to get your modifications into the main code repository
  • how the documentation is updated

If you need to develop new features in the core, you can find detailed instructions in the Related Pages.